Want to Wipe History from your Android Phone?

Wipe History From Your Android PhoneHistaway allows you to wipe the history from your android phone’s Call  and Text Message logs.  Ensure total privacy with just one click.  
Histaway lets you pre-set how far to go back, and then when you need to, you can wipe your history with just one click.

Many US states and other jurisdictions now allow an officer of the law to sieze your cellphone or other mobile device and examine it for recent usage.  Having the comfort of knowing you can quickly wipe the history from any android device will make you rest easier if you’re pulled over for using a mobile device in a jurisdiction where use of a mobile device while driving is disallowed, or in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Just pre-set which services to wipe, and how much history to remove from your Android phone or other device, and then it’s simply one click to remove the history when you need to.

It can take over a minute to separately delete the history from these different services.  Histaway does it for you quietly, in the background.  You don’t even have to acknowledge anything.  It’s really just one click.

If BC Association of Chiefs of Police get their way they will be able to seize mobile phones. Histaway will protect your privacy just when you need it. Keep your private data away from prying eyes of others.  Click here to get it.